About Us

 Ortadogu Machinery Industry

Since 2002, serves as the industry the Plastic Industry. Our company is a plastic – rubber, film, porofil plate, pipe, blow molding machines, shoe insole, thermo plastic injection molding machines, used extrusion machines from all machines and handles such as single and double screw and is engaged in the manufacture of the hive.

Our Mission

Our goal to our business partners application-specific engineering solutions, to create added value by providing. In addition, we aim to develop our production machines and systems ever further.

Our Vision

Our goal is having the most efficient use of existing resources a continuous improvement in product quality, flexible and innovative to offer solutions to the demands of our customers.

The Machine Park

For our continuous investments in technological growth, continuing parallel to this situation, our products quality and our production rate increases. the following is our equipment: CNC-controlled screw turning, milling, deep hole drilling and universal turning, milling, honing, grinding and Size: Screw; diameter: 200mm with 16mm; length: 5m Cylinder; diameter: 25mm to 250mm; length: 4m.